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Domain migration and SPS

  Asked By: Jordon    Date: Oct 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1079

We are about to migrate all our users from a "mixed"
domain structure (partially AD, partially NT) to a new
unique AD domain.

My concern is about Sharepoint users: what is in your
opinion the best path to follow in order to maintain and
remap old user roles and permission (and subscritpions) in
the new domain?

If anybody has governed a similar scenario... any hint
will be of great help !

Some info: we have about 260 users, and about 50.000
documents in WSS. We know (obviously) the association
between the "old user" (say olddomain\oldlogin) to the new
user (say newADdomain\newlogin).



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gobinda Navalagi     Answered On: Oct 12

When I moved some workspaces over from another domain  I used Microsoft's
export and import tools. First of all I created the sharepoint  groups on the
new domain that existed on the old domain and populated them with correct
users.The export tool creates an XML stub for each workspace and I replaced
the old domain name with the new one in the XML file. You do loose
discussions etc when using these tools but it depends if you had implemented
discussions. This only really works if you have implemented groups and not
just put users  on an individual bases on to every folder within sharepoint Also I'd like to mention at this point that every sharepoint
installation is different so try a test first!!

Answer #2    Answered By: Rose Silva     Answered On: Oct 12

The same was that we projected also for the same problem ; but we experienced
that sps  exim tools doesn't work, so I asked this list for a prog which changes
the roles. You can see the letters about this subject on the week before last.

Answer #3    Answered By: Maegan Ellison     Answered On: Oct 12

Yes; actually what we are going to do is write some code in a VB
Windows application, in order  to:
- access a folder thru CDO
- access the various arrays (Readers, Authors, Coordinators)
- for each entry, match the "old login" with the "new AD login"
- add the new login to the array

We are choosing this way because we will not migrate  every user  in a
single run: we want to migrate, say, 10 users  every day (migrating
also their mail, their access rigths to file system resources, etc).

And we do not want, for a while, to lose the old access list.

If you are interested in our code drop me a mail; all this is in a
developing and testing phase, but we think to have the code complete
in 1-2 weeks.

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