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Does WSS do overnight batch processing or housekeeping?

  Asked By: Alfred    Date: Apr 07    Category: WSS    Views: 1337

Does sharepoint try to resolve conflicts as it crawls through its

We have a situation where we changed the site definition for our
team room teamplate on Tuesday. 2 days later, the libraries that we
were trying to change by modifying the site definition became
corrupted. The error we get when publishing files is "Form
validation error. The URL 'Libary name/file name.doc' is invalid. It
may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file
or folder that is not in the current Web.

We get a similar error when trying to modify properties on a file in
the library. Another interesting thing. Even with this error, the
files does load to the library. While you cannot see it in the All
Documents view or any view you create through the GUI, you can see
the file in the library when you use the Explorer view or view the
library from My NetworkPlaces. Some how, the aspx pages have become
corrupted, and we cannot figure out how it happened, nor why it took
a couple of days to appear.

Has any one run into a problem like this or found that changes have
unexpected outcomes that are not created immediately?

We are worried that if we create all new libraries and move the
files to them, the server could recorrupt the libraries again. Any
thoughts would be appreciated. I am also concerned if we delete
libraries and recreate with the same name, the server could think
the new libraries were missed during the initial deletion and delete
them again.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Joe Hart     Answered On: Apr 07

The disclaimers for changing a site  Definition (especially those with
existing Sites) are stronger than those that are often given when changes to
the registry are suggested.

Not sure what actually happened  but the following warnings can be found  in
the SDK:

Warning Making changes to an originally installed ONET.XML file  on a server
running Windows SharePoint Services can break existing sites and the changes
may be lost when Windows SharePoint Services is updated such as through
service packs or patches. Whenever possible, create  a new site or list
definition as opposed to modifying  original schema files. For more
information on the best practice to follow, see Creating a Site Definition
from an Existing Site Definition.
Warning It is recommended that you create a new site definition  rather than
modify an originally installed site definition:
* Use of repairs and service packs could revert your modifications.
* Custom templates based on the original site definitions may not work.
* Site definitions with references to original list definitions may not

Making changes to a Site Definition after content exists is very risky,
especially if something has been unghosted. Additions are typically OK, but
there is always a risk when making changes that something could go awry.

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