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Does SPS provides Environment Variables at run time?

  Asked By: Kelsey    Date: Aug 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1340

Is there any way, by which we can access the SPS data at run time
(say using Environment variables)?

Our requirement is:

In the Page viewer web part or any other web part, we want to set
its source URL with the name of the user attacjed to it.

for example:

http://<someurl>?user=<the actual logged user>

The <the actual logged user> part which we set in the GUI while
adding a new web part, should get replaced with actual user ID.

Can we do this??

Also, what are the other variales available?

Say, Roles of user, user's subscriptions etc..?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jared Bell     Answered On: Aug 11

It sounds like you are trying to modify the functionality of existing web
parts beyond what is exposed through their property pages. These web  parts
have .dll's that contain the logic for providing the data, while the UI
allows you to customize the presentation of this data. If the UI properties
do not meet your needs, you will have to custom develop your own web part
from scratch to do what you want.

The SDK is a good place to start for general programming info on SharePoint:

For quick access  to SPS data, look into using the web services that do all
of the heavy lifting for you.

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