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Does the ADF support a display name and internal name for a field?

  Asked By: Lillian    Date: Aug 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1757

I would like to create and ADF that has the idea of an internal name and a display name.

I would like to show ánubís tot he user, but I want to use anubis in my generated web service code.

This would apply to the BDC application name, entity name and the fields defined in the entity.

something like the user creates a new BDC LOB using the BDC creation pages from my product.
The user enters the name of the BDC application. The user creates one or more enitities with names.
The entities fields become the fields defined by a selection they make when creating the entity.
And so on.

The idea is I would like SharePoint to show the names the user enters, but internal I want to generate code that uses different names. It is my understanding the names you see in the DBC search and results web parts come from the ADF. so if I try to convert something like ánubís to anubis and build the ADF with anubis. Then the user won't see ánubís in the BDC search. they will see anubis instead.

The idea is I wan the user to be able to use accented charactes native to their language, but I want to use an internal non-accented characted in my generated web service code.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Amrita Durgude     Answered On: Aug 05

That would require TypeDescriptor to have a separate attribute of "DisplayName". This does not seems to be the case.