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DOcument Workspaces etc.

  Asked By: Tara    Date: Mar 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1498

I read all the parts and it gives great information.

One difference is that we didn;t anticipate starting our documents with a
"Create Document Workspace" on an existing document, so I will have to try
out things that could avoid this (or figure out how to integrate it).

Also, I know that the "DWS" is special like a meeting workspace. My initial
thoughs were to create a 'knock off' of the DWS under my site template. For
instance, if the DWS is as STS/DWS, mice would be at PUBS/DWS. Obviously,
there would be a different WEBTEMPPUBS with a different template ID number
(i.e. configuration #2 of Template #20,000). Do you think I will run into
problems with having my DWS under PUBS or should I revert back to the DWS
under STS?

I mean it would seem safer on one hand to use the STS/DWS, but then any
customizations I'd make there could be overwritten.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Laura Walker     Answered On: Mar 21

I don’t like to Create document  workspace on an existing  document as well, you will create  lots of document workspaces, and you can’t actually navigate into them easily from the default UI.

And yes, you will run into problems with PUBS/DWS, as the workspace  IDs are all hardcoded… meaning there is no way to customize the workspace except to override the existing ones.. I tried with meeting  workspace, and I wasted a few months to discover it… L. End up, I did a server control to simulate the tab pages…

Answer #2    Answered By: Gopal Jamakhandi     Answered On: Mar 21

I wonder then if I create  a site  template by modifying a DWS site then
exporting it if it will be like a DWS.

I think not of course.

Answer #3    Answered By: Kristina Cox     Answered On: Mar 21

Yes it will work like a dws…..............

Answer #4    Answered By: Delbert Frederick     Answered On: Mar 21

I appreciate your work, but I am
wondering about your take on my Shared Workspace Task "pain."

I spent a day working with and researching the Shared Workspace Task Pane in
Word 2003. My impressions are not good about this thing.

It easily allowed me to overwrite someone else's content, lost content I
wrote etc. etc. It was confusing, time consuming, and user error prone. It
made me yearn for all the problems it is supposed to correct!! I see it as
great  killer of my project if people try to use it, AND I can't seem to
figure out how to turn it off or override it with a much simpler custom
feature. This thing scares me, I want it gone.

Anyone else with some feelings/advice or experience? Has anyone ever
successfully seen this thing in use in a real world situation by real world

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