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Document Property population and mapping

  Asked By: Harshita    Date: Aug 15    Category: MOSS    Views: 1871

Please excuse the length. I've tried to keep it as short as I can.

This is about synchronizing DIP attributes in Word 2003 with the list in a
SharePoint Server 2007 Document Library.

Here is what management has tasked me (the sole S.P. developer) with:

1. Adding two custom properties to our standardized documents (Word 2003) for
workflow control (approval & forwarding).

2. These two properties, plus Title and Comments MUST appear in the body of the

3. User must be able to fill out a form to populate these four fields while
fetching a new document to fill out. The fill-in form helps decide which of the
standardized forms gets picked, user's choices go into the document.

4. After filling in the rest of the document, add to the S.P. list and trigger
the workflow (initial notification).

Keep in mind, everything must be kept in SharePoint. Office 2003 is corporate
standard for workstations.


so far,

Step 1, I figured out by using site-level fields for the 2 new properties, plus
fields for the drop-downs on the selection form.

Step 2 works, through field codes, although user has to unprotect the doc and
"F9" to update fields from property changes. It doesn't happen on doc open.

All documents have identical DIP attributes. They are kept in a shared document
site on the S.P. site.

Step 3 is currently a web-part form built using SharePoint Designer 2007. No
functionality for doc selection and download (yet). I'm not clear on how to
sync that with the doc library (this wep part page has to live in a separate
Page Library on the site so it can be added to a security-enabled main page).

My eyes are going buggy from digging through the MSDN to resolve step 4. Manual
upload of the different docs works (I get prompted for fill-in of the 4 critical
fields). I'll dig through S.P. Designer tutorials to work out how to build the

Has anyone had to tackle a situation like this?

Even though "Title" and "Comments" are editable in the S.P. list (Comments was
picked from the Core Document Columns), changes to them, as well as the two
custom properties, do NOT get applied to the DIP in the Word 2003 docs when we
check them out. Frustrating.

I tried creating multiple content types (one for each doc) and allowing user to
pick from the "New" list in S.P. That works, but uploaded docs always get
shoe-horned into the default content type for the list. Still doesn't fix the
property synchronization.

COM-Interop solution? .Net update of a Word Document Object? I cannot put
Visual Studio on the S.P. server. Likewise with the .Net framework from VS for
Office. Likewise with Office 2003. If that's the only way to do this (and no
better way), I have to justify it to the penny-pinchers.

I coded existing standard docs with AutoNew macros to do this functionality.
The macros update the doc properties on save. But the only way to put docs with
macros on a S.P. site is to digitally sign them (Verisign, etc. Disabling macro
security is big corporate no-no!). Another argument from the penny-pinchers.

Manual old-school XML editing of the docs in WordML? I did it in a straight-up
ASPX site, but not on S.P. yet. Is this the right direction?

Is Office 2007 an improvement in this regard? If so, I can justify that.

Weigh in, please. Be kind, be cruel, I don't care...as long as it points me in
the right direction.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Dwight Becker     Answered On: Aug 15

I thought someone would have chimed in by now.

I found dozens of users on the Microsoft.Public forums that were having the same
(or similar) issue. But no answers there.

One thing I CAN rule out...Word XML in Office 2003. SharePoint doesn't
recognize that format as a template.

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