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Document Profile Errors

  Asked By: Judith    Date: Dec 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1154

This is similar to my last post but with a few extra puzzlers:

When I add a document, or edit a document profile, or publish a
document using the portal (doesn't happen when I use web folders) I
get an error saying either Access is denied, or I haven't got
permission to publish etc. When I return to the document library I
find the action I tried to do has been done. Can any offer any
suggestions as to why this may be happening?

Also, I am the co-ordinator of SharePoint and the single workspace.
Using web folders I can add documents and folders, look into the
management and use Office XP developer to change files. When I try to
change permissions on a folder or amend the approval process
SharePoint says I do not have permission. Has anyone any ideas why
this may be?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Serena Schwartz     Answered On: Dec 11

We had the same kind of troubles.
For actions that can be done using the web  folders and not using the
portal, you can try to include the users in the administrator group
of the server. It worked for us. That's not a solution, but it can be
a clue for someone to find out a real solution... that we are still
looking for !

Answer #2    Answered By: Tiara Gross     Answered On: Dec 11

I found out what the error  was (and rather embarrased to admit it -
but here goes):

We have a development SharePoint PS, and a productionish SharePoint

I used the TahoeUtils.asp, which had a modification, from SPS in SPS
SP1. Strangely they didn't work.

When I re-appplied the Service Pack to SharePoint Portal Server
everything spung back into life.

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