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Document Migration Products

  Asked By: Tara    Date: Dec 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1009

I'm looking for a third-party product that can do what I describe below.

I have a client who has a series of WSS sites that they use to manage
documents for their various projects. In their portal, they have a Sites
area, whose list has custom fields for Status and Project ID that they
use to track their projects.

They are interested in creating a project documents library, where the
final versions of the documents would all be housed after the project's
is closed (or, in other words, the Status field for that site listing is
updated to Closed).

They would like for the copying of documents to take place
automatically, so I am looking for suggestions on how to accomplish

We were thinking about writing a .dll that would use the SharePoint
object library to look at the Sites list, identify any Closed site
listings, open the Document Library in the corresponding site, and copy
all documents in the library into the master project library. I think
the list would need to run as a service, as it is my understanding that
you cannot tie an event handler to a Sites list (only to document

Is anyone aware of any products that can do what I am talking about, or
would we need to write it ourselves?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jagdish Joshi     Answered On: Dec 08

There is a Got Dot Net (GDN) project  that does exactly what you suggest.
I don't remember the exact name of it but search for "SharePoint
Document library  Approval Manager" (or something like that) and grab the
result that takes you to GDN. It is a very nice solution that leverages
document  library event  sink to move the documents  when they are
approved to move.

Answer #2    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Dec 08

Here's the beautiful GDN url (haven't had time to tinyurl it)

It's under a new name called Process Velocity and looks like it's bloating
out to become a workflow solution for anything in SharePoint.

Answer #3    Answered By: Victoria Bell     Answered On: Dec 08

That's the one. I didn't know it was still being enhanced:

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