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Document management on Sharepoint Portal Server 2003

  Asked By: Brennan    Date: Feb 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 14285

Hello SPS gurus... I haven't received a hint from any of you and hence
am trying to repost. I am sure many of you would have worked with this
simple task which I need help with.

I am pretty new to Sharepoint Portal Server. My environment is Win 2003
SE, Sql Server 2000 SP 3, SPS 2003. As a first step in my project I need
to create a document library. I have loads of documents that get created
(or modified) every day. Each of these documents are categorized. I
guess I can create a similar hierarchical structure under topics and
upload each of these documents. What I do need to do along with this is
on the home page I need to show recent documents (i.e. those that were
added or modified in a day or two). Can any of you share your experience
and show me how to accomplish this task???

Since I am pretty new, I may not be taking the right path. You all are
more than welcome to post suggestion on how I should build up a document
library (it will have Word & PDF documents). On the home page I would
like to see only new / modified documents while some place I should be
able to see each one of them (probably in a hierarchy)




3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jake Harvey     Answered On: Feb 03

You can write webpart which in turn makes use of the SPPS object model to
figure out the top five documents from the doc lib, based on age. Your users
can simply add this webpart to their page.

Answer #2    Answered By: Ricky Kennedy     Answered On: Feb 03

This is not a simple task because the ability to show the most recent
documents modified or added is not a native functionality to sharepoint.
Yes, you can create a complex Topic structure and upload your documents
there if you wish, but you'll need to do that out of a document  library
sitting in a WSS site.

My fear is that due to factors beyond your control you're rushing into
this solution hoping that 2003 will do what you need it to do without
really learning what the product *can* do. I say this with all respect
to your efforts and understanding that there are political demands in
every organization that will force your hand into a new technology
without really know the technology well.

If at all possible, I'd suggest that you stall using 2003, come to my
summit or the training offered by sharepoint  Solutions, then take a long
look at what you want to do an see how SPS can help you.

Answer #3    Answered By: Robin Sparks     Answered On: Feb 03

Why couldn't you create a custom view for the document  library
specifying a sort order of creation date and limit the view to a
certain number of documents (i.e. 3 most recent)? This is a built in
feature so I'm just trying to understand if you just aren't aware of
it or if I have misinterpreted your question.

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