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How do you have a document listed in one site but reside in another

  Asked By: Garrett    Date: May 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1152

Currently we are on SPS 2003, but we are upgrading to MOSS 2007 this
summer. We are pondering the best solution to a problem: we have a
master document library in a master site, but we have subsites each
with a focus on one piece of the work we do (we call
them "practices"), each with its own document library, but we only
want a given document to be stored in one-and-only-one place,
starting in the practice site but at some point migrating to the
master document library in the master site. We have tried various
solutions with not much satisfaction. We tried having a list in each
practice site that includes links to the master documents relevant to
that practice in the master doc library. This requires manual update
to the list as documents are added or removed from the master doc
library. We tried using a page viewer web part that provides the view
from the master doc library filtering documents specific to the
practice. This works, but the interface is too different from normal
behavior (if you click on a link for a document, you don't know how
to get back to the page viewer web part on the practice site when you
are done with the document) so it confuses users. We know that MOSS
supports both links and documents in a document library, but that
would also require careful manual maintenance of the links as
documents come and go. Is there any easy way to get the behavior we
want: a document library on a practice site that includes local
documents but also documents based on a view in a different document
library in a different site? The practice sites may come and go, as
the company alters the mix of work it does, but the documents should
never disappear from the master document list, which is why we think
the document should not permanently live in the practice site, just
start there, and when migrated to the master document library,
continue to exist somehow as a view from the master document library
still available in the practice site, until the practice site goes
away. The document should live independent of the practice site where
it started its life. This sounds like a workflow process. Would it be
possible to create a workflow that kept a set of document links in
one library in one site in sync with the documents in a view in a
different library in a different site? If so, how would you create
that workflow?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Judy Pittman     Answered On: May 19

Enable the link-to content type for a document  library. This should get
you part way there.