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Document Library Field Querying by End User at 'run time' - Sharepoint 2010

  Asked By: Jack    Date: Sep 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 2341

Greetings everyone, I am trying to use a document library as an inventory database, where each record uniquely identifies an item in our product inventory, with the important fields being a numerical record ID, inventory name, expiry date, impacted business unit AND a specification file unique to the particular inventory item.

My question is - sharepoint's out-of-the-box search feature does not provide the granular advanced search feature that will let the document library users construct their queries by setting individual criteria on each field (e.g. select all records where inventoryID=5, expiryDate=X, inventoryName=Y, impactedBusinessUnit=Z, OrderBy..., GroupBy...).

1. Can you please suggest the simplest out-of-the-box way to achieve this? Sharepoint was marketed to me as a collaboration tool requiring minimal coding to achieve such solutions, surely implementing this type of bespoke search feature should not require much coding? Is CAML absolutely needed for these types of queries?
2. Or can you recommend a free webpart/free querying solution that will help achieve this?
3. The default doc-lib column filters do not let the user customise his filtering criteria beyond the simplest manual choosing of record name!! Such as using maths operators or using wildcard characters.

My searches have yielded nothing so far.

Many thanks in advance for your help!!



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