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Document libraries and subdirectories

  Asked By: Edmond    Date: Mar 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1561

WSS 2.0 question...

I have a user who is posting an org chart saved from Visio as a web page
into a document library. The org chart consists of a main .html file and a
subdirectory with all of the supporting files. So for a file named
org_chart.html, there is also a directory named org_chart_files.

When the user views the document library, the underlying subdirectory is not
visible in either view. If the user deletes the main page, she cannot write
a new subdirectory. I'm thinking that the subfolder is still there, but
cannot figure out how to access it or delete it.

Has anyone come across this? IE often saves web pages this way so it must be
quite common, I suspect.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gina Freeman     Answered On: Mar 12

Try taking a look at the site using either Web Folders or FrontPage -
they will often show hidden folder structure the normal UI will not.

Answer #2    Answered By: Patrick Spencer     Answered On: Oct 12

I did a test and found that if I set actions -> Open with Wndows Explorer, that I can then place the HTML (and hidden directory). The link works properly when a user clicks on it.
I don't think that you can send the same data (and folder) by email-enabling this document library, because it is not too smart with Sub-dirs, but in the raw form, the html links work.
You say that when the user deletes the main page, that she cannot write a new subdirectory. Same thing. I think that you can resolve this in Windows Explorer as long as you set the properties to view hidden folders.

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