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Document Libraries at Root Level vs. Document Libraries at Site Level

  Asked By: Adrianna    Date: Mar 06    Category: MOSS    Views: 2905

At the beginning of the year I was tasked with getting with a handful of our departments to discuss how to store our project documentatation that allowed for company wide searching to find them. Sharepoint was our proposed solution and we ended up with a folder structure to represent the desired taxonomy with a list of standard attributes. We were fortunate that installing MOSS 2007 was in the works anyways so all we had to do was wait. Well, we finally have it installed and running and some people here are getting familiar with it by creating 'My Sites'.

Getting back to my original task, I now am charged with setting up a Sharepoint Site for one of the departments to see how we should roll it out with the rest them. In that meeting where I was given those marching orders, we discussed having a site at the company level (Level 1) which already exists, then creating a site below that called R&D (Level 2) that will have other sibling sites at some point in time for Admin, Marketing etc. Below the R&D site will be the departments I mentioned such as QA, Development etc. QA is the one I was charged with setting up as a test.

I took a step back and asked, why did we assume that we are creating all of these sub-sites? Our initial requirement was to store project documentation that can be searched upon by those within the organization. It seems that we can meet this requirement as well by having a document library or libraries at the company level and place our documents there vs. pushing out all of these sites with their own document libraries.

My question to the forum is this: Given my situation, what is the suggested route to take an why?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lynn Mann     Answered On: Mar 06

Different solution  architects will suggest different approaches. My sort of governing philosophy is to configure thing such that the content owners manage documents in their own site  (where they collaborate using all the features sharepoint  provides) and information consumers will use SharePoint search to locate othat content, regardless of where it is in the taxonomy.

So, I'm generally in favor of multiple sites organized around core business functions (not necessarily departments and definitely not around an org chart).

Search will find  all the data no matter where it lives. You will want to define things like content types and follow other search best practices for best effect.

Bill English has a series of posts on the notion of findability in sharepoint and is probably worth your time: admincompanion.mindsharp.com/.../Post.aspx?ID=110


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