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Document libaray check in and check out issues

  Asked By: Neil    Date: Jun 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 3620


New to sharepoint. We have a content type that consists of a spreadsheet and three fields. We've set up a docoment libarary and made this content type the default for the document libaray. In addtion the template is an expense report spreadsheet.

I've also associated a simple workflow with the document libaray. Initially I found that the workflow wasn't being triggered by either a new item or a modified item as I had designated in the workflow. After some testing, I found that until the document was checked in, the workflow woudln't fire. I am still confused by the fact that a "new" document would be considered "checked out" but I can see some logic behind it.

Checking in was a problem. I got an error and, when I looked at the properties of the document, the description field was empty. That is odd because the description was actually in the properties at the time of editing and a value was being put in it. So finally, after entering a value for description in the edit properites window, my document saved and the workflow kicked off.

I did some reading and found that I could set "check out before editing" off for the document libaray. I did this and, to my surprise, I found the same thing happened when I tried to edit a document: The workflow wouldn't kick off till I had checked the document in and I couldn't check it in until I had put a value in the description field using the edit properties window (even though I had already entered it through document edit.).

We would like to avoid the checkin/checkout scenario completely but ti seems that setting "check out before editing" to "off" isn't working at least in this scenario. Any help would be appreciated.




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Answer #1    Answered By: Vladi Gubler     Answered On: Jul 04

Sometimes it's possible that there are unmapped fields  in the list/document library, that is fields that do not belong to any conten type. If such a field  appears in a view, you may see its value as empty.
Your document  is probably checked  out because it does not have all of its required fields filled out, this is the SharePoint standard behavior. This looks like that the field in see in your spreadsheet  (in the DIP - document information panel) is different from the field in the list, this would explain why you need to edit  the value in the edit form. Try adding another required field and see how it behave. If it gets filled out, just switch the fields

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