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Doc library size and searching

  Asked By: Shikha    Date: Nov 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1006

I've heard that the max size of a document library in wss. should be kept to
around 50 mb's, is this true?

I have surpassed that on our initial library after a year and am a bit
worried about it. We use the built-in search method for this library which
suits our needs just fine. If I create another doc library for new storage
of our documents will the normal search method still work for them? I'm a
bit unclear about it since the standard search on the top level site seems
to get results from the page you are visiting and not the entire website and
certainly not subwebs or mysites.

If I wanted to continue along this path and have 20 or more document
libraries eventually of 50 mb's each, what would be the best implementation
so that all of them could be searched from the same page?

Also, it seems that upon our initial deployment we hadn't planned on using
more than 15 gigs for the C drive and left it at that, I think the idea was
that if we used all of the hard drive space for the partition it would
affect performance. The back drives still have 60 or more free gigs of space
and I for see us needing that space in the future. Can more space be
allocated to the C drive on SBS 2003 or is there another way to increase or
reallocate storage?

I think Exchange is the unforeseen space hog and don't know exactly how to
go in and clean it all out and don't really want to screw it all up either..



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Answer #1    Answered By: Chandrabhan Baroova     Answered On: Nov 24

Ok, several points to cover here.

As far as max  do lib size, etc, you should be looking at the Capacity Planning
Guidelines at
07.mspx . The 50 MB figure is a recommendation for the size  of single files,
not document  libraries.

WSS search  is based on SQL Full Text search, and its scope is dynamic based on
your location in the site. If you are at the top  level, you'll get results  from
the entire site  (no sub-sites). If you are in a page  for a list or library,
you'll get results on for that location.

As for the space  on C, you cannot resize this dynmically. The only way to add
space to exising drive  (unless you know of an advanced FS management app I've
not seen) is to backup the drive, recreate the partition  with more space, then
restore the backup.

Answer #2    Answered By: Stacey Wilder     Answered On: Nov 24

That's good news about the doc  library part and about the search  part,
which you helped clarify and bad news about the drive  part, but not
terrible. I think I'm going to redeploy the server in a month or so and
learn from a few past mistakes. Aside from the drive space, one of my
reasons is that I never could figure out how to get the sharepoint timer
service started despite lots of reading and attempts and I want to leverage
emailing attachments and make better use of exchange distribution groups and
public folders and sharepoint integration.

My understanding is that only the portal version has the exchange
webparts for inbox and all of that but I think we can still make use of an
email enabled doc library  (s). In fact it sounds very compelling despite
what I've read about the spam/virus risks. Any pro/con comments welcome..

One goal is to create  forms for our extranet that will submit directly
to sharepoint but my frontpage and visual studio skills aren't quite up to
par so they distribute to exchange public folders instead. I've managed to
get the forms to submit to the SQL db but am having some problems getting
the data to show back  up on lists so it's one step at a time I guess.

Answer #3    Answered By: Francis Vargas     Answered On: Nov 24

You can use something like partition  Magic for resizing existing

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