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Division within corporate intranet - WSS Sites or separate Portal?

  Asked By: Ralph    Date: Jun 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 1110

I'm new to SharePoint and am working on building a design for my
division's new SharePoint Site. The company is migrating to SharePoint
2007, and my division is struggling with whether we should create a
separate portal for ourselves or just a collection of WSS sites within
the larger corporate portal.

We are a professional services group and need to employee strict
taxonomies for documents, manage client records, archive and control
distribution of records, collaborate on projects, create specific
workflows, communicate out with teams, etc. We read about the Records
Management and Document Management features in SharePoint 07 and are
uncertain whether our division would be able to use these features if
we were just a collection of WSS Sites.

Can anyone offer guidance on the choice between being a second portal
or a site collection? Can anyone point us to some resources we can
read describing the benefits/drawbacks of each scenario and what
features are available in each?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Angarika Shroff     Answered On: Jun 25

I would go with seperate, supportive top-level sites. You can roll up
information from each top-level site  to a summary page using 2007's content
management system. In addition, administration is easier because each site can
be backed up seperately. Having a single top-level site can make things
problematic down the road if too much data gets deposited.