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Displaying or using workflow completion dates in a list column

  Asked By: Luz    Date: Oct 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4037

I am trying to extract a workflow completion date and use that info in a
sharepoint column.

Is that possible? Is there a tag I am not seeing for this? At minimum I
would like a column that would display the date that a workflow was
marked as complete. Ideally I would like to use that date in a
calculated column...



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Benito Carey     Answered On: Oct 09

Why not create a workflow  that watches for the running workflow column  to equal
completed? Then you can record the Completed and/Modified...

Answer #2    Answered By: Ebony Perkins     Answered On: Oct 09

To be honest, that though had crossed my mind, but I already have a lot
of workflows that kick off on form submission that in essence "listen"
for actions in the form before they act, and I was hoping to not have to
introduce more workflows.

It seems silly to me that the data is there, but there in no way to use
it. If you go into the specific workflow  for an item it shows the
completion date....

Answer #3    Answered By: Anu K     Answered On: Oct 09

When does the workflow  decide that it is complete? Whatever that step is,
can't you just add a "fill date  column" action?

Answer #4    Answered By: Josie Barron     Answered On: Oct 09

Well, a little more info  would probably be good. I have an Infopath form
that is submitted to a Sharepoint library via a button action on the
form. When the form is created in the library I have several workflows
that kick off, one for each approver of the form. The form must be
approved in series, so the workflows wait for a certain field change in
the form before continuing. In this case they are waiting to see a
concurrence checkbox is checked.

All the workflows do really, is email the approvers that a submission is
waiting for their approval. The email uses the [absolute encoded URL] in
the body so that the approver can open the form directly from the email,
and then submit when they are done. Because of the army system I am
working in, the security settings for our network automatically block
embedded URLS in emails that are automatically generated. Evidentally
the system thinks that workflow  created emails are not in the same
category, which has at least worked to my advantage.

What I am trying to do with the dates  is display  the time that an
approver finishes with the form and the next approver gets the
notification. Then I can use that data as metrics to see where things
might be bogging down in the process. They are digitally signing the

So in essence, the date  that a workflow is marked as complete  is the
date that the email notification is sent to Appover B, and can also be
used as the date and time that Approver A completed their assignment....

Since there are no tasks generated with this process, I cant use task
info for tracking purposes. Now that said, I guess it would be possible
to have tasks created specifically to use for this metrics gathering, I
was just hoping for an easier solution.

Answer #5    Answered By: Tamika Cummings     Answered On: Oct 09

Wouldn't the completion date  be more appropriate on the task item (instance)
rather than the workflow  process itself? Perhaps the workflow could be made
to post the completion date to a custom field in the task when that status
is selected in the workflow?