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Displaying a Detailed Directory of all Site Members in MOSS 2007

  Asked By: Keaton    Date: Aug 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 1222

we are still pretty new to Sharepoint, but are getting the
hang of it... What we have is a group of pilot sites in a single site
collection, and a MySite set up on a different port using the same
Shared Service Provider.

What we'd like to be able to do is display a list of all site
collection members with detailed information about them. While the
Site Users web part is useful in displaying site member names, we'd
like to see more information than that, such as online status, job
title, and possibly even more information pulled from AD, as is
displayed in the MySite area.

The Contact Details web part surfaces more than this, but only allows
information for a single specified user.

We've tried looking for this information by browsing around for data
sources in the MySite collection, but can't find a data source to use.

Is there something we're missing here? We feel like something just
isn't clicking.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kyla Eckert     Answered On: Aug 25

I'm wondering if anyone has come accross something similar before and
may have code/script to share.

Basically, our portal launch kinda launched a little early to some users
than others. Unfortunately, I did not have default personal site  quotas
configured until a week or so after the official launch date.

The result?

Well.. out of 4000 some employees, about 40% have unlimited quotas on
their personal sites and about 60% have the 10MB quota stated in our
policy. So all users who created their MySites prior to me enabling the
quota are out of compliance. :-( doh...

So...I need to get my personal site quota template applied to ALL
personal sites in our environment - accross the board.

Does anyone know of a trick, easy way within the product, 3rd party
software (trial only - im out of $$) or have a user community script/app
that will assist with this?