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Display Sharepoint page in separate web application

  Asked By: Jackie    Date: Dec 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1099

My goal is to use a web app to bring up a Sharepoint .aspx page. When
I currently try to bring up a Sharepoint page through another
application it asks for a login.

There is certain code that you can use to take default credentials or
use impersonation for Sharepoint web services. Is there some way to
do this (use default credentials) when displaying a Sharepoint page
from another application?

I also tired taking a web part from Sharepoint (by exporting it) and
loading into an ASP.NET web application and I couldn't get it to work.
Is it possible to take a web part from Sharepoint and use it somewhere



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Answer #1    Answered By: Monte Cooley     Answered On: Dec 09

What control are you using to show the SharePoint aspx  page? I believe
that most HTML/Page viewer controls abide by the settings in IE on the
client. If not, perhaps there is a property on the HTML/Page viewer

What WebPart class was the SharePoint web  Part written against. If it
was the WSS WebPart class, it can only run on SharePoint. If it was the
.NET WebPart class (recommended), it can run elsewhere. The exported
.webpart file is only XML that describes the Web Part. You will also
need to move the DLL that contains the Web part  to the bin of the
destination site or the GAC.

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