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Disaster Recovery

  Asked By: Ricardo    Date: Aug 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 998

I have a question about disaster recovery.

In our medium server farm, we have 2 front end servers, a repository
box, and a job/index box. Our job/index box is currently just a
beefed up pc. We just purchased a rack mounted server to replace
it, and I loaded a plain vanilla install of SPS on it without
configuring it.

Last night we attempted to switch out the boxes. We took down the
old server, and removed it from the domain. Then we logged into the
new box, renamed it with the name of the old server and gave it the
same ip address. We started it up, made sure it was in the domain
as the old server name, and then I launched SharePoint to try to get
it to join the farm. Every time I would try to get it to connect,
it would come back with `An Unexpected error has occurred'. We were
never able to get the box to join the SPS farm.

This bothers me from 2 perspectives.

1.I do not know how to get it to join the farm without recreating
the portal (deleting the current portal, and removing all servers
from the farm). Basically recreating everything.

2.If we have a situation where the job box just dies on us and we
have to go into Disaster Recovery mode, I am not confident that we
will be able to get another server to join the farm and keep
everything working.

Your input would be appreciated because we have some very nervous IT
Managers here as we start to go live with our SPS Portal and WSS