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Disappearing files?

  Asked By: Sondra    Date: Oct 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 8364

Has anyone had files that have been loaded into Sharepoint to just



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Answer #1    Answered By: Cassie Snyder     Answered On: Oct 07

If you have an expiration policy applied to them. Yes.

Answer #2    Answered By: Parijat Pathak     Answered On: Oct 07

Where do you set that expiration date?

Answer #3    Answered By: Ella Sargent     Answered On: Oct 07

Check your library settings / Information Management Policy Settings

Answer #4    Answered By: Ahmad Johns     Answered On: Oct 07

I've tried. I don't have rights to that apparently. I got "Error, access
denied". I've contacted the administrator, but she's out today and

Answer #5    Answered By: Roxanna Hendricks     Answered On: Oct 07

My other thought would be the document may not be checked in. If it required
properties to be set before added and they were not set for whatever reason it
would not be visible for any other user aside from the user that started to add
the document.

Answer #6    Answered By: Stacia Guy     Answered On: Oct 07

No, that's not it, because these documents were up and viewable for all and
then they suddenly were gone.

Answer #7    Answered By: Kacy Bright     Answered On: Oct 07

Three possibilities all of which I have seen.

1) Somebody switched the list over to Windows Explorer view and dragged and
dropped the files  into a folder on their local machine. Users assume that this
will just do a copy, but I've seen it default to a move instead. The files then
go into the SharePoint recycle bin for that user. The admin can see them in the
Admin recycle bin for the site. (This has the highest probability)

2) Somebody modified the security on the files or on a folder that the
files are listed as being in. You can't see files that you don't have access
to. (Lower probability since this is deliberate and it sounds like nobody knows
what happened.)

3) A workflow that someone created was started on the files and workflow
moved or deleted them. (Also not very likely).

I would suspect its #1. Have the admin check the site collection recycle bin.
It's in the Site Collection admin list on the site settings page.

Answer #8    Answered By: Ivette Burris     Answered On: Oct 07

That does sound like the best probability. I'll ask the site
admin to do that.

I didn't realize that the files  could be dragged and dropped like that,
therefore "deleting" them for everyone else. That sounds like a big flaw in
Sharepoint. So a User with Read Only privileges could move the folders like
that just by using the Windows Explorer view?

Answer #9    Answered By: Kaitlyn Clark     Answered On: Oct 07

Not a User with Read Only priveledges no. But a user with contribute priveldges
could. The same thing can easily happen on a file server or even on your local
hard drive. It all depends on how you drag and drop the files. But I've seen
it do a move instead of a copy several times.

Answer #10    Answered By: Latanya Nieves     Answered On: Oct 07

You might want to check your anti-virus software. It might have quarantined the

We've had this happen.

Answer #11    Answered By: Vidisha Pathak     Answered On: Oct 07

I don't see how that could happen when the files  were there for so long and
then just vanished.

Answer #12    Answered By: Malcolm Maxwell     Answered On: Oct 07

Could easily happen if there was a positive due to a new definition update, or
if the server was not previously being scanned for some reason.

Answer #13    Answered By: Mayur Mandal     Answered On: Oct 07

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean when you say "if there was a
positive due to a new definition update". Can you explain?

Answer #14    Answered By: Deana Lowery     Answered On: Oct 07

I think he just means that if you've updated your virus definition files  there
might be files that are now registering as viruses that didn't in the past.

Answer #15    Answered By: Felecia Goff     Answered On: Oct 07

Yes, that was what I was talking about.

Answer #16    Answered By: David Scott     Answered On: Oct 07

Well, I don't think that would be it either, due to the fact that the
missing files  are all .zip files and there are other files still loaded  into
Sharepoint that are also .zip. I would think that if it were an update to
virus software that caused the files to disappear, then all of the files
with that same extension would be gone, right? I did ask the Administrator
if the missing files were in the recycle bin as someone suggested, but they
were not. She said that the recycle bin gets emptied every 30 days, so if
they were, they are gone now and we are still unaware as to how they got

Answer #17    Answered By: Lakeshia Gould     Answered On: Oct 07

Not true on the "if 1 was removed, all should be removed" - a true (real virus)
or false (just looks like one) positive means the files  matched a virus
signature, which takes into account a lot more than the file extension. Does
you server have audit logging enabled? If so, there should be an entry there
that should give a clue as to what happened.

Answer #18    Answered By: Lizbeth Macdonald     Answered On: Oct 07

I checked with our administrator and not only is the audit logging disabled,
the server that SharePoint resides on does not have Virus Scan.

Answer #19    Answered By: Cole Curtis     Answered On: Oct 07

The Recycle Bin has two stages. You are correct that the first one gets emptied
after 30 days. The second one gets emptied as a function of quota size. Go
to Site Settings > Recyle Bin (_layouts/AdminRecycleBin.aspx) to see if they're
in the second stage.

Answer #20    Answered By: Debbie Snow     Answered On: Oct 07

Actually, the tests we've done show that both will get emptied after the
expiration date set when it goes into the stage one recycle bin. So she is
correct, if its more than 30 days and they left the bin set to the default it
won't be in the second stage bin either. Here's what our testing showed.

1) User deletes file and it goes into Stage 1 bin for 30 days.

2) User empties Stage 1 bin after 15 days file goes to Stage 2 bin

3) After 15 more days or when stage 2 bin hits 50% of quota capacity the
file will disappear, whichever comes first.

Answer #21    Answered By: Adalberto Merrill     Answered On: Oct 07

Interesting. I haven't done much testing with it. Glad you cleared it up.

Answer #22    Answered By: Lynsey Carver     Answered On: Oct 07

No problem. Nobody has time enough to test everything. I've been surprised a
number of times.

Answer #23    Answered By: Richard Allen     Answered On: Oct 07

Or additionally if you don't have rights to change library settings, have
perhaps your permissions changed and you don't have rights to see items either?

Are list items affected by Audiences?

Answer #24    Answered By: Ian Davis     Answered On: Oct 07

I've been told that I have "full control" so that I can read, write, etc. I
know that the whole site is supposed to be "read" by all. Is that what you
mean by "list items affected by Audiences"?

Answer #25    Answered By: Jagjit Hui     Answered On: Oct 07

Where are the original files  upload to?

Answer #26    Answered By: Joanne Greer     Answered On: Oct 07

They were uploaded to a site for our department.

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