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Directory Management Service

  Asked By: Jim    Date: Sep 30    Category: MOSS    Views: 1600

Is this a bug?

I'm trying to use the SharePoint Directory Management Service to create
distribution groups and contacts.

All the configurations and security are working fine.

I want incoming emails for lists to arrive on my Moss WFE moss1.byui.edu
which is running IIS with SMTP enabled, correctly configured and

Central Admin asks me for the "SMTP mail server for incoming mail:" I
enter moss1.byui.edu

I would like both distribution lists and contacts in the form of

Central Admin asks me for the "E-mail server display address:" I enter

When I enable a list to receive incoming mail (List Settings prompts for
[ ]@byui.edu) the contact is added to active directory as
contact@... , this is correct because if I send to this
contact directly, the email arrives in the SharePoint list. If I add
this contact to my distribution list (which moss correctly creates and
displays as distribution@...), the email arrives to all
distribution list recipients including the SharePoint list.

However, List Settings displays the contact for this list as
contact@... not contact@.... If I try to send to the
former, the email bounces.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kristie Hardy     Answered On: Sep 30

When you FIRST enabled incoming  email, it asked for the domain name,
e.g. moss01.contoso.msft. If you change it later, it does not change the
previous email  aliases, you must go back and remove email enabling on
that list.

If you do choose to enable  top level domain name, e.g. contoso.msft,
then you must create an account in AD and forward to the
.moss01.contoso.msft address.

Is this what you are seeing?

Answer #2    Answered By: Faith Delgado     Answered On: Sep 30

I just read a great article about how to configure this yesterday.

Provided you use exchange that is....


Grab the pdf 'How to configure Email Enabled Lists in Moss2007 RTM using
Exchange 2003'

Step 4 covers what you need.

Answer #3    Answered By: Alisha Itagi     Answered On: Sep 30

I think this is exactly what I'm looking for

Sorry for the confusing footer

Answer #4    Answered By: Judy Pittman     Answered On: Sep 30

I do see this, but was aware of it and not concerned by it.

My problem was I assumed that putting in "display address" the value
@byui.edu would instruct AD to create discussion boards and library list
emails as listname@...

But of course these need delivered to the moss  box which is configured
in CA's "incoming email  server" as moss1.byui.edu, so AD creates  these
addresses as listname@...

Despite the fact that the library-specific settings  for incoming  email
prompts for [ ]@byui.edu, and that the list  Settings heading
displays listname@..., it is correct  that AD creates
listname@..., because that is where it needs to be delivered.

The problem is 1) consistency of the display  address to the actual
destination and 2) the preferred method for the end user would be
sending to listname@...

Guy sent an appropriate solution that I'm going to provide to
our Exchange Administrator


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