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Difference between Document Library and Area Document Library

  Asked By: Brock    Date: Oct 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 15557

Can anyone tell me in SPS what the difference is between Document
Library and Area Document Library?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gordon Blair     Answered On: Oct 17

The word area  in V2 has replaced the term Category in V1 but I haven't seen
it referred to as "Area Document Library, hope this answers your question.

Answer #2    Answered By: Barry Burke     Answered On: Oct 17

I found this white paper to be very helpful. You might also.

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies: Technical Overview -


Answer #3    Answered By: Erick Carlson     Answered On: Oct 17

I've also added a deeper explanation of portal areas in a new white paper to be published on microsoft.com "any time now". Below is the part of the white paper that talks about portal areas.

From an underlying technology perspective, a portal area  is a SharePoint site. Topic areas, News areas and Site Directory areas are special instances of a portal area. Usually a portal area doesn't include a document  library but they can. For example, if you use the new Microsoft developed SPS2003 Document library  Tools (www.parallelspace.net/sharepoint/spinspouthelp.htm) to export a Web Storage System (WebSS) document library and import it into a portal area, Spin.exe creates a SQL Server document library in each portal area (possibly more than one if you import multiple WebSS libraries into the same top-level portal area).

I'll touch on this again in the MSD2D "SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Migration Strategies and Solutions" webcast on Tuesday: www.parallelspace.net/sharepoint/msd2d-webcat.htm.

Answer #4    Answered By: Rashad Huff     Answered On: Oct 17

After poking around some more, I only find that "Area Document Library"
is available on the first home page, not under subsequent area  pages, so
I think it has something to do with that.

I wish there were a "Sharepoint: Step by Step" book or something I could


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