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Did MS leave this one out of SPD? Can't believe it if they did

  Asked By: Stella    Date: Mar 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1050

When I send an email via a SPD workflow, I want to simply provide the
url or a link to the item. There are several values that seem like
they might provide this data such as the "absolute URL" argument, but
it provides a strange link and non of the other values are
hyperlinked! Below are all the variables I tried in the email and
their results.

Title (linked): Testing workflow?
Absolute URL: https://someSite.mil/sites/Help/Lists/TestList/12_.000
ID (Linked): 12
Relative URL: /sites/Help/Lists/TestList/12_.000
URL: ?????
URL Path: /sites/Help/Lists/TestList/12_.000

I can't believe that something so simple and necessary would cause me
to build this workflow in VS, but it looks like that is what a post on
technet is suggesting! Any thoughts? Am I missing something?



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