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Detecting WSS Corruption

  Asked By: Geena    Date: Dec 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 968

One of my users is reporting errors that she thinks are indicative of a WSS
database corruption. She has created a List on a Windows 2003 Server and
claims that some of the views do not have as many records as they should. I
am waiting for her to return from a meeting so we can investigate further
(e.g. see if the total number of records is about right) and can provide
more info then. My biggest problem is that this is a hosted service within
our company, which means that I have no access to the server or underlying
database, have admin rights on our site only and have to wade through three
levels of desktop support before I can communicate (indirectly, mind you) to
an actual Sharepoint admin/support person. BTW, I *assume* the db is SQL
Server, but even the helpdesk tech didn't know for sure. So, my questions
are as follows:

Given my limited access, are there any tests for corruption that I can run
What would a full-blown admin do in a situation like this?
What kinds of corruption are common with this release of WSS and how often?
Assuming they have a good backup, can a single List be restored?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Puneet Shiwde     Answered On: Dec 20

I will be surprise if this were a DB corruption. I will suspect that
some of the views may have filter or settings that limit the number of

As far as remote troubleshooting, I don' think there is that many
options available unless you can access to the Server hosting the SQL

Answer #2    Answered By: Brandyn Slater     Answered On: Dec 20

The user has since told me that she was editing the list  in spreadsheet
view, pasting copied content from another Excel file, when she received an
error (surely of the GPF nature) and everything closed. If something
happened to the content while the "table" was in memory and a partial table
was actually saved, that may explain the missing data. We are still
investigating of course.

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