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Desperate for advice

  Asked By: Ojas    Date: Jul 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 882

I have posted here a few times before about similar things and I don't
seem to get any help.

I want to know if our need fits a sharepoint scenario:

We want to use WSS 3.0 in conjunction with SBS 2003/SQL 2005WE to
create a large database for keeping up with our projects. This
database should be able to do the following:

1. Create a dynamic ID for each new entry
2. Have a lookup function linked to a separate contact list
3. Manage searches that could include multiple columns in the criteria
4. Have built-in notifications for specific users
5. ability to import existing data (one-time for initial setup)

I am willing to learn how to develop each of the components but I
really need to know if this is even possible. We have tons of data
that we are currently managing in an Access 2003 database and we
really like WSS 3.0 and are hoping we can migrate this data into our



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Answer #1    Answered By: Micheal Knight     Answered On: Jul 25

I am by no means a SharePoint Guru (but I did sleep at a holiday inn
express last night.) I'm going to take a swag at this based on my
current environment which is MOSS 2007. I haven't touched SPS in
several years.

The way we are doing there here is by creating custom webparts that
interface directly with the database  on the back end.

#1 - SQL 2005 can automatically create  new keys for each entry into a
table - check your SQL Admin manual
#2 - In this case we have a webpart with a search box that presents the
query to the database backend and returns values.
#3 - We also do this via custom web parts. We're also looking into the
Business Intelligence capabilities (BDC) for Sharepoint 2007 but I don't
think this is a capability in WSS 3.0
#4 - Notify them of that? And how? A pop-up when they login? An
email? I'm not sure how you would accomplish this.
#5 - You would be better off going from access  --> SQL 2005 and then
building a "front end" in SharePoint.

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