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Deploying Sharepoint Designer Workflows to another Site

  Asked By: Ralph    Date: Aug 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1444

As part of a project which I have inherited, I have the requirement to deploy
40 or so large workflows which have been designed in Sharpoint Designer. The
requirement is to wrap these in a deployable feature.
To achieve this I have exported the required xoml,rules,wfconfig and aspx
files and using a feature with custom code , deployed these to the required
location and this includes replacing all the referenced List guids from the
source files with the correct guids for the new site.

I call the WebPartPagesWebService to validate then associate the imported
workflows which all seems to work fine with no reported errors.

I can open the workflows in SPD and they seem to be correctly associated
with their respective lists.

The problem occurs when a workflow is run, it displays a 'Failed on Start'

However if I re-open the workflow in SPD validate then save it, it runs just
fine after that.

What is SPD doing for validation and List assocaition which the
ValidateWorkflowMarkupAndCreateSupportObjects and AssociateWorkflowMarkup
methods of the WebPartPagesWebService web service is not? and how is this
overcome in code? Our customer will not want to manually re-open and re-save
each workflow.



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