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Deleting document versions

  Asked By: Leila    Date: Nov 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 7724

We are trying to do some massive cleanup. We have document libraries
that have allowed unlimited versions for years. Some documents have
over 1000 versions! We understand that we'll have to go to each DL and
disable or limit versions. That will be a pain, but doable.

The question comes about cleaning up the old doc versions. Is there an
STSADM extension floating around out there that might help with this?
Something like - pass in a site collection name (or DL name) and a max
number of versions to maintain...it it removes all versions except for
the number specified.

Other than going document by document (order of magnatidue on this
would be huge), is there any other way to delete these in some
automated fashion. could be at the farm, web app or site collection

any ideas?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Divakar Naik     Answered On: Nov 29

I'm not aware of anything that will do this right now. But there is a project
on Codeplex to cleanup  old list items. It might be a good place to start if you
need to code your own solution that would trim old versions. You can find it


Answer #2    Answered By: Marcus Davis     Answered On: Nov 29

Just go into the library settings and configure the number of major versions  you
wish to keep. &lso set the number of major versions you wish to keep any drafts
for. SharePoint will delete any older versions from the library.

Be aware that if you say to keep three major versions you will keep the current
version plus the three previous versions. If you in turn keep drafts for three
versions you will be keeping all the drafts of the current major plus two
previous majors.

Answer #3    Answered By: Perla Vang     Answered On: Nov 29

Yes, changing the versioning settings on the library is setup #1.
But, this action does not go out and delete all versions  except for
the number you set. In other words, if you had a library with
unlimited versions and one document  with 1000 versions in the
database. When you update the library setting to a maximium of 5
versions, the 1000 versions are not removed unless you perform a
check-out/check-in or delete the versions manually. This is what we
are trying to avoid because that would be in the 100 of thousands of

We would like to be able to change the library settings manually,
then do some global cleanup, but it is not looking like that is

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