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How can i delete a file within my categories

  Asked By: Yasasvi    Date: Apr 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1148

I know how to delete a file in my
categories folder/sub-folders. The problem is this. When i browse
to my category sub folder via my i.e. i see the file that i want to
delete there. So i click on the show actions to delete it. But i
get the error no File. So i open my windows explorer and then browse
via my windows explorer to the http://portal/workspace/categories/sub-
category/ and i can see the file over there, But i cannot delete it.

I also mount the subst m: \\.\backofficestorage and browse from there
to the category directory found the file and delete it.

But still this file keeps showing up in my category directory.

Any ideas how i can permantely delete it.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Marquise Farley     Answered On: Apr 12

What you're experiencing is a common misconception. However, your
method of trying to fix the problem  is uncommon and dangerous. Let me
help a bit.

Rule #1: Files and folders are not _stored_ in categories. Files and
Folders are _only_ stored in the Document Library. So I'd first
challenge your statement that you know how to delete  a file  in your
categories folder.

Rule #2: Files and folders show  up in categories  because their metadata
says they're a member of that category. In order to remove that file
from showing  up in the category  is change the metadata of the file to no
longer point to the category. To do this, go to your IE where you see
the file and hover your mouse over the file link. Down in your status
bar, you'll see the location of the file. Browse to that location in
Windows Explorer, right-click the file and say Properties (if it's
published, you'll need to check it out first). See if there are any
categories assigned on the categories tab. If so, uncheck them.
Presto, it's "removed" from the categories.

Rule #3: NEVER NEVER NEVER mount the backoffice M: drive and make
changes! You've been warned. Just do a google search on this newsgroup
or the msnews newsgroup for backofficestorage, subst, etc and see the

Rule #4: It would behoove you to read up on the categorization of
documents. Might I suggest the MS Resource Kit, or Bill English's book,
starting on page 15? Also, his entire Chapter 8 is devoted to
categories and their concepts. He sums it up well with the sentence
"Categories are really search results."

Answer #2    Answered By: Gargi Mehta     Answered On: Apr 12

On Rule 1: Yes ok i know that about category  files are stored in the
document library. That's where i edited my file  and nothing happened.
I also deleted from my document library but still the file is there.

Thanks for the other useful tips i will follow them especially the one
on mounting backoffice M: drive.

Do you have any other useful tips to give to me.

Answer #3    Answered By: Radhika Vora     Answered On: Apr 12

You could try to reset the index, I have cases where
file  was deleted, but never removed from the index.

Answer #4    Answered By: Harshit Nerurkar     Answered On: Apr 12

Cause my index size is
2GB i am indexing some external web sites.

Anyway it worth's the try. I can re-create the index later on.

Will do that and see how it goes.

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