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Definition Editor - Could not process Table 'xxx' Make sure you have SELECT Rights

  Asked By: Malinda    Date: Dec 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1622

If you have a table name with spaces in it, the Add Entity action reports "Could not process Table 'xxx' Make sure you have SELECT Rights on the Table/VIEW" when you try to add it.

I found this in MS Access, but it may be a general issue.

As a work around, I created a copy of the table, edited the table name to omit the spaces, and added with the Definition Editor. I then exported the XML and hand edited the table name in the SQL statements from TableNameWithSpaces to "Table Name With Spaces". You can also rename the table display name to Table Name With Spaces (no quotes) and the table name will display correctly in the Definition Editor.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Aastha Patel     Answered On: Dec 11

There has been an ongoing problem with the ‘Business Data Catalog Definition Editor’. It’s only SQL Server 2000 compatible and not SQL Server 2005/2008 compatible ;-) It works fine with any table  with a schema of dbo (e.g. dbo.tablename), but if the schema name is something other than dbo (e.g. HumanResources.Employee or Person.Contact) it generates an error message. It works fine with the old NorthWind or Pub databases, but not with the new AdventureWorks or AdventureWorksDW databases. I don’t think this Software was properly tested by MS.