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default admin password for new site?

  Asked By: Araceli    Date: Jun 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 20373

I am running sharepoint services 3 on an offline iis server. I
have created a new website called myportal.oln Then I used Sharepoint Central
Admin to "extend" that site to be a sharepoint site. The sharepoint files all
showed up there. But when I navigate to the site in the browser, it asks for my
username and password. I never created any password and have no idea what it
could be. What do I do now?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Logan Lawson     Answered On: Jun 13

You need to login as the user you named as the site  Collection Administrator
when you created  the site collection. If you are currently logged in to the
PC as that user you may still need to provide that user's ID and password  if
you haven't modified the security settings of IE to pass your credentials in
the background.

Answer #2    Answered By: Clay Fitzgerald     Answered On: Jun 13

Can you log in with the FARM account and then review the USERs that it is

Answer #3    Answered By: Magdalena Fitzpatrick     Answered On: Jun 13

Does SP Manager work with WSS the same as with MOSS? If so that would be useful
to see which account and pw has access to CA.

Answer #4    Answered By: Lawrence Daniels     Answered On: Jun 13

I am just learning this. I can log into
Sharepoint Central Administration using my server's windows account (I am
administrator). I don't know what a FARM account is, and I can't seem to see
FARM anywhere in SCA. There is a section there where I can "view" the user who
is the Site Collection Administrator and my login comes up when I enter the
domain name (SERVER/myname). But it doesn't show me any password. Now one
problem I may have is that since this server  is serving an offline  LAN, there is
no emailing. So if sharepoint  emailed me anything such as account info, I would
never receive it.

Answer #5    Answered By: Dominique Fox     Answered On: Jun 13

I'm not sure I understand from your explanation what's happening
here. "Extend" is what you to do an existing SharePoint application to
create a new IIS website  that serves up content from an already-existing
SharePoint site  collection.

What kind of password  prompt is this (popup window, or a login page with the
SharePoint theme)? Did you set up Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) on this

If you go to Central Admin->Application Management->Site Collection
Administrators, you can pull down the little dropdown (near the upper right)
and choose the application that you created; then you can see who the Site
Collection Administrator is, and change it to your current account if

Answer #6    Answered By: Dale Dean     Answered On: Jun 13

You stated in your first email that you have built
this farm "offline". This normally means that the server  is not connected to
any network. you will not be able to authenticate to the web with your domain
credentials as your sharepoint  server cannot reach the domain controller (unless
the sharepoint server itself is the DC). Try creating a local account on the
sharepoint server, give it the Site collection administrator role on your newly
created sharepoint web ap and see if that helps. Or just join the server to the
domain and use your domain credentials.

Answer #7    Answered By: Jared Bell     Answered On: Jun 13

you try is logging in to your new site
with the same credentials that you used to log into Central Admin. If
you can login with those credentials then you can see the groups which
do have access to the site  
SharePoint doesn't email you any account info so that's not where your
problem lies. The only thing it does do that is similar to that is that
it can email a link to a user who has been added to a site user group so
that they know how to get to the site they've been added to.

Answer #8    Answered By: Elsa Chan     Answered On: Jun 13

I removed sharepoint  from that virtual server  and
created a new one. I logged into it just fine this time with my
server's authentication. Thanks for all your help.

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