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DB Size Question

  Asked By: Rachel    Date: Apr 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 983

Are we over thinking this? We are setting up our new SharePoint environment. We
have ZERO clue how big this could be. We aren't sure who will be an adopter of
our offerings. All we can do is set it up and hope it works. Budget cuts have
all but eliminated any real planning etc. That said......

We have 1TB of free space to cut up. Obviously, we don't want to just create 4
LUNs totaling that space if we initially don't need it. So, how would you
approach dividing up space? I've heard it suggested that we want separate LUNs
for the following:

1. TempDB and TLogs
2. DB Transaction logs
3. Search DB
4. Content DB

Does this sound right? Our plans are for separate LUNs for each of the (4)
listed. Any thoughts on sizes? I'm thinking we start with LUNs of 50GB for the
logs etc and 100GB for the content DB(s).

Here are the formulas I used. TempDB - 10% of planned content, Logs - 25% of
content, search - 1:6(30% of content), content db - 1:1.2 of raw content.

Anyone have other thoughts or ideas to share? Personally, I think it is over
thinking. I think just putting the logs and data on separate physical LUNs
should be enough. The idea of managing all these different spaces makes little



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Answer #1    Answered By: Richard Davis     Answered On: Apr 14

It depends on what type of SAN you have and how it works. The real  issue is
the layout of the disks; how the RAID groups are composed and how many
spindles you are using. Separating your data  onto multiple LUNs on a single
RAID group, for example, will not have any appreciable effect on
performance. Typically we separate  the SQL DBs and transaction  logs onto
separate RAID groups/aggregates to improve performance.

If you check the web site for your SAN vendor, they will most likely have a
white paper that will describe the optimum SharePoint/SQL configuration for
that equipment.

Answer #2    Answered By: Mason Davis     Answered On: Apr 14

I do not think you are over thinking. If you only have 1TB, I would probably
think about crating 200GB LUNS. I would say that your search  DB will not grow
too large. The temp DB is dynamic but will not grow too large. You can place
them in the same LUN. You might be able to put the Tlogs in there as well, but I
keep the Tlogs in their own LUN and the Content dbs  in another. Now my
environment is very large.
The one thing that I do not see in your scenario is your backups. You want to
have space  for backups. Usually the DBA's will recommend 1.5 more space for
backup than what you have for your prod dbs.

In the begining the DBs will be small, but once your users see the benefits,
your environment  will GROW!!! You also control the size  of files they can upload
at one time, plus site sizes  and things like that.

Answer #3    Answered By: Savannah Pena     Answered On: Apr 14

Hey, a quick "thanks" out to both you 'n_ikkon' and Steve Eagleson for their
tips on our LUN setup.

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