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Date column subtracting (1) day from entered value when grouped

  Asked By: Kayla    Date: Nov 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 2159

I have a custom list that I have created, and have also created a
column "Week Ending" in which a user enters a date. When I try to
group by this column, the group heading is (1) day behind. (I.E. User
enters a week ending date of 9/28/2007. What displays in the group
header when grouped by Week Ending date is: "Week Ending: 9/27/2007")

Anyone else ever encounter this or know what might be causing it?

I have checked the time on the servers, and both are correct, and I
have ensured that both servers are on EDST, so I can only conclude that
this is a bug within SharePoint.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Titus Sweet     Answered On: Nov 25

If a week  ends on 9/28/2007 that means it ends on 9/28/2007 00:00:00. If you
want to include 28 September 2007 in the week then you need to use 9/29/2007 for
the wekk ending date. Similar to an Announcement that uyou enter an expires
date. If you want an announcement to show through a specific date  then you need
to pout the day  after as the expires date.