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Datagrid paging and row selection not happening in share point web

  Asked By: Edmond    Date: Jun 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3897

I am trying to use the built-in paging feature of datagrid. I have
the datagrid in my sharepoint web part. Firstly, the pager links are
not enabled. Secondly, the same code which is working for normal .NET
application is not working in this case. I tried to even use
linkbuttons to select the row values and even highlight the selected
row of the datagrid. Nothing is happening. The sample code in some
examples seen in many sites didn't help me solve my problem. Can
anyone help me in this regard with detailed idea as to where to place
the statements (i mean the event handlers)?

In Summary:

1. Need solution for problem with datagrid paging in web parts
2. Selection of rows in datagrid with click of linkbutton (button
column) or by some other efficient means
3. Selection of a cell value on selection of the row in the datagrid
4. Highlighting the selected row to indicate selection
5. Enabling the paging links (ie, basically the first problem)



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