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Data View Web Part & Collapsed Grouping

  Asked By: Frederick    Date: May 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2475

Had a crack at doing my first data view web part the other day. I'm not sure if
the behaviour I am seeing is by design, or if I have borked something up.
I've got a DL that has 3 columns, and I want to group by those columns, having
them collapsed until a user expands them. I've set up each element to be
collapsed by default and when I first view the webpart, I only see the first
column (as expected). The weird thing is when I click on one of the entries to
expand it, it automatically expands all the groups(columns) underneath it, not
just the next level. For instance, say my columns are called Primary, Secondary,
and Tertiary. Under Primary I have the following choices: 1,2,3. Under Secondary
I have: A,B,C. Under Tertiary I have I,II,III. What I want is to have the
webpart show 1,2,3 initially, then if a user expands 2, they then get presented
with A,B,C under 2 (with 1 and 3 still collapsed), Then if they expand C, they
should see I,II,III (with A and B still collapsed). What is happening is when I
expand one of the Primary groups, it automatically expands everything underneath
that group (so I go from 1,2,3 to
1,2.A.I,2.A.II,2.A.III,2.B.I,2.B.II,...2.C.II,2.C.III,3). Hope that makes

Any thoughts about how to have the view only expand each group as it selected?

This was created with SPD SP1. The Server is MOSS SP1.



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