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Data View based on SQL Server view seems to be cached somewhere

  Asked By: Nadia    Date: Jan 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 3434

At the request of a user, I updated a SQL Server view used by a SharePoint Data
View, in order to eliminate employees from the list shown by the Data View if
the employees are no longer active by modifying the where clause in the design
of the SQL Server view. I mistakenly assumed that the change would be reflected
in the Data View after a few minutes (I assumed it was cached by something for
some short period of time). I have waited hours, and it still has not reflected
my change. Where is this being cached? Is there some control I have as
administrator to force a refresh? Do I have to do anything inside SharePoint
Designer to force the Data View to refresh its view of the SQL Server view?
Anything I have to do in Central Administration? This is MOSS 2007 Enterprise. I
verified the SQL Server view was properly updated in SQL Server in Query
Analyzer by selecting to return 1000 items of the view and verifying that no
inactive employees were returned.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Janak Jadeja     Answered On: Jan 17

Sorry, it was my mistake, not caching. I had actually changed the SQL Server
that contained the data, but neglected to update the data connection for the
data view. So it was looking to the old SQL Server, where I had not changed the