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Dashboard with Sharepoint list

  Asked By: Ciera    Date: Sep 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 6098

I have below list in sharepoint.

Person Issue# Status
xyz 111111 Open
PQR 222222 Closed
xyz 333333 Closed
PQR 444444 Pending
xyz 555555 Open
xyz 666666 Pending
Now I would like to have a dashboard with below information.
1. Person Name - % of Closed issue, % of open issues and % of Pending issue.
2. Would like to create KPI based on above %

can some one help me to achieve this?



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Christina Lewis     Answered On: Sep 03

Once you have already created the SharePoint list  (let's call it MyList, for now) with the above entries (Person, Issue #, Status), you can use the following steps to create a KPI List and add your KPIs:

On the Quick Launch, click Lists.

On the All Site Content page, click Create.

On the Create page in the Custom Lists section, click KPI list.

On the New page, in the Name and Description page, type a name (say, MyKPIList) and description.

In the Navigation section, click Yes if you want the KPI to be visible on the Quick Launch.

Click Create.

On the KPI list page, click the New menu, and then click the type of indicator that you want to add. You can use data from a SharePoint list (in this case, MyList). To calculate % of Closed/Open/Pending issues in the entire list (not per person), you will have to specify the AllItems view of MyList. In case you want to create KPIs displaying the % of Closed/Open/Pending issues for each person, you will want to create "Views" for your MyList that contain only the person specific entries, i.e., XYZview and PQRview for the two persons xyz and PQR in the sample list that you show above. Sometimes SharePoint users get an error when adding KPIs from views ("An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the KPI value from the list."). There are a number of posts addressing this error.

On the New Item page, enter values for the relevant properties. For instance, a KPI named "XYZOpen" which tracks the % of Open Issues for person XYZ should show better results when the % is lower. You can specify a warning level (say, more than 50% open issues) and a goal level (say, 25% open issues) for the KPI.

Further, you can create and configure a dashboard  site using the following steps:

On the home page of the site, in the Quick Launch, click Reports to open the Report Center site.

On the home page of the Report Center site, in the Quick Launch, click Dashboards to open a list of dashboards in the Reports Library page of the Report Center site.

On the Reports Library page, click the New menu, and then click Dashboard Page.

On the New Dashboard page, in the Page Name section, provide a name, title, and description for the dashboard site.

In the Key Performance Indicator section, select Allow me to select an existing KPI later.

Click OK.

On the Dashboard page, in the Site Actions menu, click Edit Page.

For the Web Part Page zone in which you want to add a Web Part, click Add a Web Part.

On the Add Web Parts Web page, in the Suggested Web Parts section, select the check box for the type of Web Part you want to add, and then click Add. (In your case, use the KPI list you created above)

To configure the Web Part, click the Edit menu, and then click Modify Shared Web Part.

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