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Dashboard Error in Extranet

  Asked By: Bhairavi    Date: Aug 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 940

We've tried to switch sharepoint from the Intranet to an Extranet. Now we
get the following error when trying to reach the Portal:

An unexpected error occurred.
* An error occurred while accessing the dashboard. This error may be
caused by the proxy server settings for the dashboard. Contact your server
administrator. If you are a server administrator, configure the proxy server
settings by using the proxycfg utility. Consult the product documentation
and the readme for more information about configuring the proxy server
settings. Important: You must configure the proxy server settings for the
dashboard even if you are not using a proxy server. (1)
* -2147221499

Anybody know why this happens? This is not an Internet-Deployment but one
on an Extranet firewalled from our company domain. I have read in the
Whitepaper that one has to create a new website pointing to the existing
infrastructure. Is that correct? I tried it but it didn't work. And what
does that mean:

You must configure the proxy server settings for the dashboard even if you
are not using a proxy server.

We dont have a proxy server so what do I configure then????



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gladys Trevino     Answered On: Aug 18

There is a whole raft of information  on this on the Microsoft Sharepoint
site (you are not the only one suffering from frustration on this one).

The key things that you need to note are the following:

You do need to follow the Extranet white paper, even though you are not
running this on the Internet. Creating extra sites is only necessary if
you are wanting to run different modes of security (in your case, I
wouldn't have thought this was necessary).
You must run the proxycfg utility  (as per the white paper). My
suggestion is that you run it as proxycfg -d -p fakeproxy:80 "*;<LOCAL>"
You need to then go into Internet explorer on the sharepoint  server and
configure your LAN connection to use the fakeproxy as its proxy  server
(even though you don't have one!) Click Bypass Proxy for local
addresses and click on advanced. In the do not use proxy for addresses
beginning with box type *. This bypasses the proxy for all addresses
which allows you to use the browser to get to other web sites.
Depending on what url you are going to use to access the Sharepoint
server, you may need to set up an HTTP header for the site.

Please be aware that I have done this three times now, and each time
there was a different issue (there is one configuration of the three
that I still can't get working), but in all the newsgroup items I have
read, the things I mentioned above solved 90% of the problems.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jignesh Pitale     Answered On: Aug 18

Here some info that I received from a MS individual on the same issue. It
works fine with me.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ravish Patel     Answered On: Aug 18

Does anyone have detailed information  on how to make the SPS crawl the
public folders in exchange 5.5

Answer #4    Answered By: Satyajit Kabadagi     Answered On: Aug 18

I solved this riddle by myself but it was just the way you
pointed out, tho there is a slight difference and that is why it didn't work
in the beginning. We work  with FQDN and therefore I had to include the
Server-IP into the Bypass adresses. Now it works tho other things do not
work now. For instance, I now have two sites for my categories and all the
Webparts show to somewhere in the database where the old settings  still are
working. So instead of my configured Webparts I now have all the standard
settings again.

Damn it but shit happens and we will make a regular and new deployment on a
different machine anyhow. We just wanted to check if everything would work
in an extranet.

By the way, do you know if one can create  relative links so as I do not have
to change the links every time we change the site.

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