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Dashboard area

  Asked By: Landon    Date: Jan 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1017

Is there any way I can include some text or a hyper link in the
dashboard area in Sharepoint ?. Which file to update for the change ??.
Dashboard area - where all the newly created dashboards are displayed !.



10 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Nikunj Kansagara     Answered On: Jan 29

dbview_ie.xsl available at /portal/resources/

Answer #2    Answered By: Noel Benson     Answered On: Jan 29

Okay, I tried editing dbview_ie.xsl , but I could not edit for whatever
reasons. I am getting the error "property save error" . Any idea ??.

Answer #3    Answered By: Janie Boyer     Answered On: Jan 29

you need to have coordinator rights to make changes to this file. I suggest you
keep a backup copy of the original file.

After you make changes, do "Flush application level cache in management

Answer #4    Answered By: Tasha Willis     Answered On: Jan 29

You can't make a change  directly in the portal resources unless you use
Office XP Developer. You need to copy the file  to a local drive, edit
and make your changes and copy it back

Make sure to flush the cache once you copied the file back

Only workaround is to use Office XP developer.

Answer #5    Answered By: Manohar Kothare     Answered On: Jan 29

Yes, that's okay. I understand. But in the dbview_ie.xsl , I am trying to
include a VBscript functionality to execute all the office applications. But
instead of the results, sharepoint  displays all the code in the dashboard
area. I can understand that it's a xsl environment and hence doesn't
understand the vbscript code. But how do I make the vbscript work there ??.
Here's my code:

<SCRIPT language='VBScript'>
Function LaunchOfficeAPP(officeApp)
On error resume next
set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
lngReturn = objShell.Run (officeApp)
if len(lngReturn) = 0 or lngReturn <> 0 then
'msgbox "you seem not to have " & officeApp & " installed", "Title"
res = MsgBox(lngReturn & " : you seem not to have " &
officeApp & " installed",16,"Error")
end if
set objShell = Nothing

End function



<div >
<table align=center>
<div style='CURSOR: hand'
<img border='0' src='DocTypeIcons/msaccess.gif' width='16'

Answer #6    Answered By: Terri Wolfe     Answered On: Jan 29

You can't put vbcode in a XSL template document. You will need to either
translate this to XSL syntax which I don't think is possible or find a different
way of doing so. Why don't you create a web part that does this or try to change
some different file. Basically locate the asp file  that used the dbview_ie.xsl
and make your changes there

Answer #7    Answered By: Andre Mason     Answered On: Jan 29

I think you should be able to use <xsl:eval> and <xsl:script>? I use the
latter, for example, in the template that generates subscription
e-mails. Here is a snippet...

<P CLASS="nomargin">
<SPAN class="ListPartFieldLabel">
<!-- _locID_text="Document: Size" -->Size:


// FormatSize

function FormatSize(e)
var strSize

strSize = e.text;

if (strSize < 1024)
return strSize + " bytes";
if (strSize < 1048576)
return Math.round(strSize/1024) + " KB";
return (strSize/1048576).toFixed(2) + " MB";



Answer #8    Answered By: Esteban Frank     Answered On: Jan 29

Question on Office XP Developer vs Visual Studio .NET -- if you were to
explain in one paragraph each to a manager, how would you describe what you
can do with each of these as it relates to a company's utilization of

Feel free to stick in phrases such as "develop new web parts" or "edit
customization files" or "extend Office applications" as necessary so it's

Answer #9    Answered By: Jabari Burks     Answered On: Jan 29

Office XP Developer:
- Allow to navigate the Web Storage System and create new web parts, dashboard,
sub-dashboards, edit and customize the resource folder
- Allow to build workflow apps on top of SQL server

- Comprehensive development environment
- Can create isolated web parts using ASP.NET and Web Services

The 2 products are complementary. Personally I use Office XP Dev to make changes
to the resources folder, edit existing web parts, create dashboard  and sub-dash.
I use VS.NET to create new web parts that access external content.

Answer #10    Answered By: Heena Desai     Answered On: Jan 29

Seems like installing XML Parserv 3.0 SP2 is solving the problem in addition to
making sure that the certificate is trusted on the server.

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