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Customizing Sharepoint web pages

  Asked By: Cary    Date: Aug 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1296

we currently have a non-Sharepoint employee website that we would
like move to Sharepoint. We would like to keep the same look and feel
as we currently have but still have the ability for non-computer savvy
employees to post information. Can we move our current website design
into Sharepoint? If so, how much work would it be. ASP.net was used to
design it.

Here is our site if you need to look at the design.




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Answer #1    Answered By: Ella Sargent     Answered On: Aug 13

Looking at your site, it follows a lot of design  principles that
SharePoint employs so with some work  (not a tremendous amount I would
think) you could get something up and going. There are some shifts in
the way information  by default is presented in SharePoint. If you don't
mind changing to the format then you have less work ahead of you. One of
the key things people get bogged down is trying to make SharePoint look
*and* behave *exactly* like some legacy portal or application.

With minor amount of training (usually just a one-sheet HOWTO) you can
leverage how SharePoint does things without putting a lot of effort into
it. Otherwise you end up twisting SharePoint into actually doing what
your current  system does and spend a lot of development effort getting
little return. For example you can get Quick Links but normally
SharePoint would present these in a vertical format. You can certainly
get the horizontal type look that you have on your homepage but it just
means spending a few minutes in FrontPage or something creating a new
DataView Web Part when you could just have them present vertically out
of the box. That sort of thing will add up and turn a simple retrofit
into a large redesign effort.

As for some of the ways you walk people through business processes
(login to check your email, login to log your timecard hours, enter
information to find an employee) there are a LOT of things SharePoint
could do for you again with little effort if your users are willing to
adapt a little and you present the change not as a dramatic shift but a
more productive use of their time (for example with authenticated users
inside your organization you don't need to ask them who they are).

Anyways, all doable but it's hard to say how much work it would be
without knowing how precise you need to align to what you have today
(both in look and feel and execution). I would suggest putting together
a proof of concept site  that can mimic most of your current site for
some people to take a look at and discuss. If you use a lot of OOTB
SharePoint parts (Contact Lists, Custom Lists for your locations,
Announcements, Links, etc.) you can get something up and running quite

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