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Customizing SharePoint Context Menus

  Asked By: Gurupreet    Date: Jan 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3703

I have a web part to copy a document (files only not folders) from one
document library to another doc library. I have customize "SharePoint
Context Menus" reference
blogs.msdn.com/bowerm/articles/175691.aspxand added a "copy"
menu. If I select any file, it works but if there is a
folder inside a document library, it doesn't.

So how can I find out whether a selected item is a folder/file? And if it is
a folder, I do not want to display "copy" item in the SharePoint Context
Menu List.

Thanks in advance and here is code of what I have done so far.

<script language="javascript">

function Custom_AddDocLibMenuItems(m, ctx)
var strDisplayText = "Copy";
var strAction;
var strImagePath = "";

var fileDirPath;
var fileOrDir_Name;
var dotIndex;

HOST_NAME = window.location.hostname
fileDirPath = itemTable.ServerUrl;
//alert("ctx.HttpRoot: " + ctx.HttpRoot);

fileOrDir_Name = fileDirPath.substring(fileDirPath.lastIndexOf('/')+1)
dotIndex = fileOrDir_Name.indexOf('.');

if (fileDirPath != "" && dotIndex != -1)
strAction = 'window.navigate("

// Add menu item
CAMOpt(m, strDisplayText, strAction, strImagePath);

// add a separator to the menu

return false; // this enables the rest of the menu items to be rendered.




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