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Customizing portal navigation

  Asked By: Andrew    Date: Apr 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 22022

Anyone have any experience in customizing (building your own) the
navigation in the portal... specifically the left-hand vertical
navigation? We have a desire to make a more comprehensive
navigation that what comes out of the box. I can see in the
template file for the homepage
([...]/60/Template/1033/SPS/default.aspx), on line 32, where the
control is being added. I'm wondering (out of the box) if I can
build my own ASP.NET user control OR web part, register the assembly
in the GAC of the server (or in the approprite /bin directory...
which I prefer), add the register tag in the page declaration, and
then add my tag. Can test to see if it will work on the homepage
and if so, then add to all the template files in the file system.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Saul Cobb     Answered On: Apr 25

This does sound feasible to me but I've not attempted to do it before. It
will present a significant amount of work. You may want to do a Proof Of
Concept (POC) and some extensive testing to ensure you have all the pieces
in place (especially security) before putting too much time into your server

Also, I'm sure you know, existing SharePoint Portal server  Portals will not
likely accept the changes to the underlying Site Definition.

Answer #2    Answered By: Karl Reid     Answered On: Apr 25

Any other ideas for customizing  portal navigation? Specifically, we'd like to add  some links into it that are more manual (ones we can say, point to 'google.com' or a different URL).

My first test  (creating a simple server control  and adding it to the default.aspx) that just wrote out the current date as well as iterating through all the top level areas on the current portal  worked just fine... pretty quick test. The only unkown I was real concered with was adding a server  control without having access to any codebehinds in the SharePoint templates.

But you're right, I do want to test like a crazy person and need to add some security checking into it as well... prob some sort of caching routine so I don't have to traverse the tree every time.

Answer #3    Answered By: Lionel Phelps     Answered On: Apr 25

well i tried it in the most simpliest way using
I don't feel anything went wrong till now. I was able
to add  new links or delete the existing one etc.

Can anyone suggest me if I am doing somehting wrong on

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