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Customized document profile strange behaviour

  Asked By: Meagan    Date: Aug 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 960

I'm facing the following Sharepoint strange behaviour:
I've created a customized document profile with a property of list type with
a dictionary.
The values of this property (of its dictionary) should be assigned
If I add too many values (e.g. by the code below) Share Point shows only a
limited number of values (for example 581).

Sub set_dictionary()
Dim objDict As PKMCDO.KnowledgeDictionary
Dim dict_uri As String
Dim dict_values As Variant
Dim i as Long

ReDim dict_values(0 To 2000) As Variant
For i=0 To 2000
dict_values(i) = "String very very very long n. " & cStr(i)

dict_uri = "http://myServer/myWorkspace/system/schema/myProperty_d.xml"

Set objDict = New PKMCDO.KnowledgeDictionary

objDict.DataSource.Open dict_uri
objDict.DictionaryValues = dict_values

Set objDict = Nothing
End Sub

If one changes the string "String very very very long n. " in a shorter
string the number of values shown increase.

Any help?



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