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Customize Content Query Web Part to Display More Columns from Multiple

  Asked By: Seth    Date: Apr 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 17388

I am new to the Content Query web part. I am trying to configure it so that I
can display event location and start and end date from several calendars
together. The default configuration only displays the event title. I
understand I need to modify an XSLT file to add the additional columns I need.
If anyone who has done it can shows me the steps, I would greatly appreciate it.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tatiana Houston     Answered On: Apr 29

Unfortunately, the process is not simple and not for the faint-at-heart! It
involves downloading the web  part XML and editing it so that it queries the
additional information you need. You also need to edit the XSLT that displays
the results to create a new display  style that shows  the additional  information.

The best reference I know is to use Heather Solomon's blog entry
www.heathersolomon.com/.../CustomItemStyle.aspx together with
the ECM blog entry that she links to in the first section.

Personally I find it much easier to build DataForm Web Parts in SharePoint
Designer, since it gives you a nice user interface to select the columns  you
want from the list and a WYSIWYG editor for presenting the results. However, you
need to hand edit the code to make them query  across multiple  lists the way a
content query web part  does. Let me know if you decide to go down that route and
I will dig up the information on how to do that.

Answer #2    Answered By: Arlene Hodge     Answered On: Apr 29

It's exactly the kind
of step-by-step process I was looking for. I'll try playing with it myself and
see how far I can go.