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  Asked By: Viral    Date: Oct 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1206

We have built a number of sub portal sites for departments within the
company. However, we have noticed that the dash board navigation bar is
stretching further and further off the screen. Does anyone know how we could
split the navigation bar onto two lines?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rosalie Buckner     Answered On: Oct 30

Depending on how you wish to implement it, this might be achievable.

When you create a Subdashboard in the 'Home' dashboard these will
automatically be displayed on the top level with the document library,
search dashboards etc
However if you were to create subdashboards in any other dashboard say
dashboard x, then once you open dashboard x your sub dashboards will be
listed beneath it on a separate line.

Answer #2    Answered By: Carrie Ross     Answered On: Oct 30

This came up on the list some months ago. I believe the answer was no, you
can't split the bar  onto two lines  without massive custom work.

Also, it's unfortunate that you can't have more than two rows of nav bars

Answer #3    Answered By: Lisa Hill     Answered On: Oct 30

If you want to pursue this you can look to customising  dbview_ie.xls in
the portal/resources folder. This is the xsl stylesheet that ultimately
transforms the dashboard definition into HTML and is where the
navigation bar  is generated.

One trick I have used is to hide dashboards from the navigation  bar if
they have a '1' in their partstorage node. Then you can design your own
navigation in a Web Part.

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