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Custom Workflow for Document Approval - sharepoint online 2013 & sharepoint designer 2010

  Asked By: Maria    Date: Dec 02    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 4598

Hi All,

I am new to SharePoint and have been tasked with building a system in which we wish to utilise Workflow for document approval.

I currently have a matrix of usernames that if that user edits a document I want certain people to pre-approve changes to the document based on this matrix, before sending it to a final approver. The matrix is held as a list within my top site in sharepoint with a column for the user, 2 x pre-approver columns and an approver column containing the login names for the individuals required to pre-approve/approve certain document types.

I also would like to capture all the workflow history etc so that I have a full trail that can be held as a record of the change.

Can I utilise the OOTB solution already in SharePoint or do I need to write something from scratch to get this to read as I want from the matrix?

Sorry Im not more technically minded - my programming skills are rusty - I know what I think I want to do just not sure exactly how as I have no prior knowledge with SharePoint designer. Therefore any help would be gratefully received.



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