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Custom Themes

  Asked By: Korey    Date: Sep 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1331

Can someone answer a question I have about the custom themes in WSS

My client is going to have a series of WSS sites, one for each of their
clients. They would like to incorporate their own client's corporate
branding into each site, so that every site has its own unique color

In digging into how the custom themes work, I am noticing that when you
apply a custom theme (say for example, Sonoma) to a WSS site, an entry
is added to the docs table in the _site database with a name of
sono1011-109.css. This entry has the Content field populated with a long
string of text.

So does this mean that the custom themes, once they are applied, are all
un-ghosted? Does it further mean that I should stay away from using the
custom themes? Or, does it mean that if I am using the themes anyway,
then there is no harm in opening the path to the .css file up in Front
Page and editing it there?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kareem Flynn     Answered On: Sep 06

No, your site  is not unghosted after applying a theme. What happens behind the scenes is that the pre-processing that SharePoint and the web server does just grabs stuff from a known virtual directory. It’s all techie stuff but nothing to worry about. I would however recommend against modifying the css  file from inside the virtual directory as it could be shared and/or not necessarily be in the same place after say an update or a reset (very rare but I’ve seen odd things happen where there’s a physical file  and a virtual directory collide, it’s like watching Godzilla vs. King Kong and it’s not pretty).

Use themes  as you see fit. There is one caveat that updating the theme  doesn’t always immediately appear within sites  using that theme. Either the theme has to be re-applied to the site or a reset or restart of the server has to happen (and even then sometimes they’re not updated) so you might want to consider putting in place a small tool to rip through existing sites and reapply the theme if it ever need changing.

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