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Custom SharePoint templates bug - web parts lose config info?

  Asked By: Ruchir    Date: Mar 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1273

I suspect this may be a bug in SharePoint, but would like to ask others
to validate to see if you get the same results.

Here's the gist:
I configure a regular team site with a document library and a web part
showing that library on the default.aspx page. For the web part on the
home page, I change the toolbar to summary and edit the current view to
include groupings. I test it out by uploading docs to make sure
everything is set like I want it to be and then remove the files.
I save the site as a template and create a new site based on that
template. My web part is still on the home page, but the toolbar
configuration is different than what I specified and the groupings in
the view are gone.

Do you get the same behavior? Any ideas? I tried this on 3 separate
MOSS installations and got the same results. Is it a bug?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Cathy Cameron     Answered On: Mar 16

I haven't tested it, but this wouldn't surprise me. I don't think Site
Templates store the customizations for any webpart on the page. To do that
you need to create  a custom  Site Definition. Then you can specify the
default view  for the webpart.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kerri Steele     Answered On: Mar 16

Just to close this out and answer my own question, there is a hotfix
to resolve this issue of ListView web  parts not retaining their
properties when you save  a site  as a template  using "Save Site as


Answer #3    Answered By: Alisha Itagi     Answered On: Mar 16

I know that this issue has already been resolved but, the knowledge
base article referenced here (below) is dead. I really need to find a
fix for this issue of web  part view  customizations not being
persisted with the 'Save site  as template' option. If anyone could
point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. Thanks,