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Can we add our own custom rights (permissions) to a site group?

  Asked By: Gopal    Date: Jan 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 945

Can we add our own custom rights (permissions) to a site group?

What I mean is, when u create a new site group or edit the rights
assosiated with an exsisting site group (like reader, member, web
designer etc..), the SPS will give you a list of sevearl rights
(like allow personalize, add items to list, view docs etc..). But
these permissions are not sufficient to us. CAN WE ADD NEW, CUSTOM

The requirement came like this:-

The "Edit item" right, which allows end user to edit the WSS list
items (like events, links etc), is combined with "Customize page"
right. The customize page right will allow the end user to make
changes in the "Shared View" of the page, which every other user can
see. If we uncheck this permission, then the end user can't modify
the shared view (he will not see the shared view option at all), but
at the same time, he can't edit the list items also.

So, My question is:-

Is it possible to add custom rights (permissions) to the pre-defined
set of rights? Or, is it possible to separate the "Edit" right
and "Customize page" list? Is there any special reason to combine
these 2 rights? Note that the other rights like "Add item"
and "Delete item" are single – not combined with any other right.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Dan Dickerson     Answered On: Jan 25

I don't believe that you can create  your own custom  rights. You will
have to work with what is built-in.

The only customisations that can be done is to choose which rights  get
assigned to each group.