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Custom field

  Asked By: Gaurang    Date: Sep 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 758

I am trying to create a custom field. The field must hold a grid, with
multiple rows and columns.
I should be able to add data to this grid i.e should be able to add
more rows to the grid dynamically.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kai Carney     Answered On: Sep 05

I assume you are trying to do this within a list. If so, I don't think its
possible. You are trying to find a way to turn something that is a
non-relational database into a relational one. I don't think it can be
done. You can create  a custom  webpart with a relational database as a
backend. Or you can create two lists with a lookup column in the second
list to tie them together. Then use webpart communication to tie them
together on a page. Thus achieving a Master/Child record kind of display.

Answer #2    Answered By: Gaurav Nemane     Answered On: Sep 05

As I understood his approach, I think it is possible. But Shilpa will
have a _lot_ of work to do.

All data  collected in the custom  field type will need to be stored in
the custom field  as one string. I believe that there are still
significant limits to the amount of data that can be stored. Of course,
the resulting field will not be included in the sort, filter, and group
for the list view.

Answer #3    Answered By: Marjorie Humphrey     Answered On: Sep 05

We have give up on using the custom  field approach for now. Will try n
think of another way of acheiving this feature.

Answer #4    Answered By: Chelsey Watts     Answered On: Sep 05

Wouldn't a list containing Excel spreadsheet attachments achieve the same
thing? Your metadata represents the list, with the spreadsheet acting as the
grid that you refer to?

Perhaps if you provide more detail on the intended use, we could come up
with more ideas.

Answer #5    Answered By: Nagesh Maulik     Answered On: Sep 05

Here is the requirement :

We are running a workflow on items in a document lib. The workflow takes
the items through a series of stages.. say review, approval etc
For every change made to the item .. we must record who made the
change, what time, what change, comments etc, this info looks like a
grid which keeps growing as the item goes through the workflow.
According to our business team, the data  must reside within the
listitem. So, we cant store the data in another list :-(.

Any other ideas?

Answer #6    Answered By: Irving Hurley     Answered On: Sep 05

Well, you certainly can hold  the data  in the same list as a different
content type - this will allow you to have different columns  for that
list item

What you would need to do when you kick off your workflow is check that
the item matches the original content type, not the content type used to
store the historical type data

i.e. if the workflow kicks off for each new additional item it will
still "run" each time a history item is added (which is why you wouldn't
want to do this) but it would hop out at the first step as any history
item would be the wrong content type

Answer #7    Answered By: Asia Meyers     Answered On: Sep 05

The workflow history is always stored in a list and not with the item,
regardless of content type. Of course, I am not a developer J, but I
don't think this behavior can be changed.

Answer #8    Answered By: Shelley Reese     Answered On: Sep 05

The workflow history that is automatically stored is always stored in a
list, but I think what he is wanting to do is to store some custom  state
information as it changes over time. And does not want a separate list used
to store the info. I don't think custom content types will do it.

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